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Frequently Asked Questions

The Forklift Academy offers three programs to meet the needs of forklift operators and their employers. Specific questions and answers for each program can be found in the FAQs for the program. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about forklift certifications and what we offer.

Q. In which States is the forklift certification training valid?
A. All our forklift certification training is valid throughout the USA and Canada or any other country that uses OSHA to govern safety training.
Q. Does the online forklift certification training meet OSHA regulations?
A. Yes! Our forklift certification online training is OSHA compliant and is valid for 3 years. We have online forklift certification training programs for both individuals and businesses.
Q. I don't know how to drive a forklift, can I complete this training on line?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot complete the on-line training if you have never driven a forklift. Please remember this training focuses on the safety rules and regulations required by OSHA and does not teach you how to operate this piece of equipment. If you live in the greater LA area we offer hands-on instruction through our LA forklift training center. You can learn more about the academy and register for a beginner's forklift class by clicking here.
Q. Should employers provide forklift safety training?
A. Yes. The responsibility of the employer is to provide a safe environment for their employees and implement a Forklift Safety program. OSHA can levy fines of up to $7,000 for failing to do so. The Forklift Academy offers three ways for businesses to certify their employees: online training packages, in-house forklift training kits, and on-site training. If you are an individual you can take advantage of the online individual program.
Q. Is forklift certification only a test?
A. The forklift certification programs that Forklift Academy offers include not only a written test, but driving test (format depends on program chosen), classwork, forklift safety training, daily inspection sheets, certification documents, and other important documents.
Q. What types of equipment does the OSHA standard apply to?
A. The Following Are Vehicles That Are Covered By The Standard:
  • High lift trucks
  • Counterbalanced trucks
  • Cantilevered trucks
  • Rider trucks
  • Forklift trucks
  • High lift platform trucks
  • Low lift trucks
  • Low lift platform trucks
  • Motorized hand trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Narrow aisle rider trucks
  • Straddle trucks
  • Reach rider trucks
  • Single side loader rider trucks
  • High lift order picker rider trucks
  • Motorized hand/rider trucks
  • Rough terrain trucks
  • Others